Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back more than 5000 years ago. The word "Yoga" came from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means "to unite or integrate." Today ,interest in heath consciousness is attracting people from all over the world to earn better health in body and contentment in mind. now a days people are looking towords natural ways of approch in health & happiness.This search has brought YOGA in our daliy life.Yoga keeps our inner body and inner mind clean & clear to lead a life of benevolence. The practice of Yoga Exercises or Asanas can improve your health, increase your resistance, and develope your mental awareness. Doing the Yoga Poses requires you to study each pose and execute it slowly as you control your body and your mind.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yoga for Arthritis, Back-Aches and Spondylitis

My dear friends ,now I will explain the yoga for arthritis, backpains & spondylitis.

1) Yoga helps to increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups. Holding positions in yoga is not intended to be uncomfortable. However, it does require concentration and specific use of muscles throughout the body.

2) Muscle strength improves by remaining in these yoga positions and incorporating various movements.Many of the postures in yoga gently strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the abdominal muscles. Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain proper upright posture and movement. When these muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be greatly reduced or avoided.

3) Yoga incorporates stretching and relaxation, which reduces tension in stress-carrying muscles. Yoga requires that the individual hold gentle poses anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. Within the pose, certain muscles flex, while others stretch, promoting relaxation and flexibility in muscles and joints.

Garudasana (Eagle pose)
It improves concentration,balance and coordination
Reduces fat around arms & thighs.

1) Stand erect on yoga mat.
2) Bend right knee slightly & place left thigh over the right thigh.
3) Twist left calf around the right so that the left big toe hooks around the inner side of the right calf.
4) Hand position - cross the right elbow over the left. Twist left forearm around the right so that palms will touch each other.
5) Raise the arms at the shoulder level & keep back straight.
6) Then straighten right knee as much as possible.
7) Maintain the pose and breathe normally.
8) Press the sole of your supporting foor downwards.
9) Press the crown of your head away from the shoulders and feel the elongation of your spine.
10) Exhale and slowly return to original pose.
11) Repeat the pose with other side also.

Duration & Repetitions-
1)Hold the pose as long as possible or for 20 -30 secs.
Time will gradually increase as became more comfertable with the pose.
2) Repeat 2 or 3 times each side.
Bhujangasan (cobra pose) Strenghthen complete spine.
Strengthens joints of upper extremities.

1) Lie on the abdomen on the floor.
2) Bend elbows and bring hands close to the shoulder with palms placed on the floor.
3) Inhale and raise hand ,neck,chest & upper abdomen off the floor.
4) Keep remaining part of the body on the floor.
5) While doing this keep,hips,thighs,keens firm.
6) Extend the neck fully & pull the shoulders backward.
7) Maintain the pose & breathe normally
8) Exhale & return to original pose.


Shalbhasan (Locust pose)
1) Lie on the abdomen with feet together toes pointing to the backwards.
2) Inhale & raise head,chest & thighs up stimultaneously as high as possible ,along with the arms pointing towards the toes at shoulder level without bending knees.
3) The body should be rest on the abdomen only.
4) Contract hips muscles.
5) Maintain the pose breathe normally.
6) Exhale & return to the original pose
7) Then keep face sideways on the floor,arms on the side of the thighs & breathe normally.

Supta badha konasana(Cobblers pose in lying position)

Tranquillizes Mind
Lowers blood pressure

1)Sit in badhha konasana.
2)Slowly lie on the back so that your back & head touches the floor.
3)wWith the help of hands hold ankles & pull them up,so that the heels touches anal region.
4)Put both hand below thighs with palm facing to upwards.
5)Try to touch your knees to the floor.
6)Maintain the pose & breath normally
7)Exhale & return to original position.

Duration & repetation-
1)Maintain the pose for upto 60 secs.
2)Repeate it for 2 or 3 times

Supta Virasan (hero's pose in lying position)

Reduces congestion in pelvic organs.
Straightens and tones the spine.

1) Sit in Virasan.
2) Recline back and rest elbows on the floor.
3) Slowly allow the head and back to rest on the floor.
4) Now straighten the arm over the head, palm facing upward.
5) Maintain the pose and breathe normally.
6) Exhale and slowly return to original pose.


Durations and Repetitions-
1) Maintain the pose for 30 to 60 secs or as much as possible.
2) Repeat the pose 1-2 times.

ushtrasana (camel pose)

Tones the complete spine.

Tones abdominal and pelvic organs.

1) Assume the kneeling position.
2) Keep the knees shoulder-width apart and the big toes about eight inches apart. Only your knees and toes should touch the floor.
3) Place the posterior between the heels and sit comfortably.
4)Grasp the heels with the corresponding hands. Press the heels with your palms.
5)Inhale and exhale a few times.
6)Inhaling, raise your posterior off your heels and come up on your knees and toes.
7)Pulling the shoulders back, push the hips forward.
8)Exhaling, raise the chest and bend the trunk and head back as far as you can, curving the spine backwards.
9)Keep the arms straight.
10)Turn your face towards the sky.
11)Complete the exhalation and take a few deep breaths.
12)Invert the feet and place the toes and the upper part of the feet flat on the floor.
13)Slide your hands down and grasp each ankle with the corresponding hand.
14)Bend backwards further on the arms and make a curvature of the body by arching the spine and neck.
15)Maintain this posture, breathing deeply and rhythmically, until strain is felt.
16)Inhaling, release the hands and return slowly to the upright kneeling position.
17)Resume the sitting position between the heels and then come to original sitting position.

Duration & Repetitions-

1) Try to maintain the pose for 30-40 secs.

2)Repeat 2-3 times.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.Aparna,
This is a great service you are doing for the community.Thank you for such a great site.Well I am realy interested in knowing what are the best asanas for low back pain.I tried a lot to find information about what asanas are good for improving my condition but could not find any.It would be helpful if you could give guidance in this regard.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hello there,
Thank you.
sure,I will explain asanas for reducing back-pain in the coming week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the back pain asanas,which I was searching for a long time..I have constant back pain,sometimes severe,do you suggest I do some or all of the asanas mentioned to start with.would really appreciate your advice.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hello there,
If you have constant backpain please look for the causes.
try to avoid the reasons.
after subsiding the back pain,slowly start doing light asnas just like sukhasana,padmasana & then move to garudasana,bhujangasana,supta badha konasana & supta virasana.
( as explain in the blog)

Vivek said...

Hello ma'm,
Its good to see someone working for such a good cause and helping others who are really in need. I was looking for asanas for neck pain, due to long working hours.I used to do Suryanamaskar, but now do it irregularly. Can that cause the pain? Can you show with pictures the proper way to do Suryanamaskar?
Thanks a ton. Keep up the good work.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi vivek thank you for such wonderful comments.
Here is the link for suryanamaskara

dani said...

Hi Dr Aparna
I have not really done much yoga but am suffering with spondylitis in my neck. I often get bad headaches and feel dizzy and nauseous. Could you please recommend some basic asanas for me?

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Dani,
according to me you should see the Doctor first.Let him /her check your present condition of neck.

Between you can practise Anulom -vilom pranayama & omkar jap.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lovely said...

Thanks for the excercises! U cured my neck and shoulder pain that was troubling me from the past 4-5 days!

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hey thats very good . I am happy for u.Keep doing asnas. :)

vishweshwar said...

Dear Dr.Aparna Ma'am,

Its Vishweshwar.CH. I am suffering with "Cervical Spondylosis" from last 2 years. I had consulted Ayurvedic doctor six months back. He diagnosed and given the continues 40 days 'Panchakarma' treatment. He covered the treatments of "Elikkidi, Podikkidi, Pizchill, Navarikkidi, Nasya, Mathra Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi etc.". He has given the treatment dedicatedly. But till now I didn't get full relief. May be I got only 50% relief. From last 3 months I am taking complete rest. But I didn't get relief. So, please give me the valuable suggestion for the sake of my severe back pain. And, please suggest some Yoga exercises for the same.
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Ch Vishweshwar,
Sorry for late reply.
You did not mention your age and exact location of spondylosis. As I have not checked your reports and did not checked you personally, I can not tell you perfect treatment.However you can ask to your Orthopedic and Ayurvedic Doctors for exercises.Because I really do not have idea that how severe is your condition.
My dear friend I want suggest a few exercise for your problem

1) sit comfortably on chair /bed. Extend both hands in front of you and forcefully close and open the fist. Do it 5-5 times/ day.
2) sit comfortably on chair /bed. Extend both hands in front of you and make fist of both hands and rotate both opposite side.(Inside as well as outside too)
3) sit comfortably on chair /bed. Extend both hands in front of you and fold both in elbow and make complete hand rotation around shoulder. ( see video for more information)
4) Do Anulom vilom pranayama, omkar pranayama and meditation.
5) Keep diet check- Do not eat more legumes like chole and rajma.
6) Acupressure- Right and left hands' ring finger's first part press with other hand (each finger id divided in 3 parts .....upper part)
7) Same with both legs ring finger, press with hand.This will relives your spinal chord related pain.
8) You can do yavu (Vata ) mudra with both hands. fold index finger of both hands completely and keep other fingers straight. This mudra will help you to reduce excess vata from your body.
9) Along with this I am giving you link of Youtube.
In which Ramdev has explained in detail about back pain.You can see it online.

thank you very much for visiting my yoga blog.I hope this will help you.I am always ready to help you.Take care and wish you good health.

(In this vedio Ramdev has explained the yoga postures and diet, please check with your Doctors for exercises)

Amanda said...

hi doc,
im a 20,from the passed 2 months i have been suffering from severe neck, shoulder n hand pain 2 such an extend that it goes numb. I have been 2 the doc n he pescribed me medicines n said i could be suffer from cervical spondylitis. Im doin my final year B.A. and doing a part time job as well, during college hours i simply doze off anytime and anywhere making it hard 2 concentrate on my studies. Pls try 2 help me

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi amanda,
I think you should go to Orthopedic Doctor and do X-rays. Because getting numbness is not good. So please see the Doctor as soon as possible.
I can not tell you any yoga because I do not knpw the present condition of your spine.
Take care.

Anonymous said...


I have numb feeling in my left leg especially in fingers.Is it spondylitis?

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Anonymous friend,
If you are feeling numbness, you should see the Doctor and find out the reason. Also check for diabetis and blood presure.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks peace claudia.

Underground Worm said...

Dr Aparna,

Was going through your blog. I am in front of the computer for about 10 to 12 hours a day. I do Surya namaskar but some times I ignore because of the hectic work. I found a soft ware called 'Time Out' that I have installed on my computer which reminds me to take break at regular intervals. This has been helping me quite a bit. This is something that I would like to share with people who lead their lives with computer.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi my dear friend,
you have suggested a very good idea.It is really essential to take break while working on computer.I also do the same.
Thank you very much for visiting my blog.