Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back more than 5000 years ago. The word "Yoga" came from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means "to unite or integrate." Today ,interest in heath consciousness is attracting people from all over the world to earn better health in body and contentment in mind. now a days people are looking towords natural ways of approch in health & happiness.This search has brought YOGA in our daliy life.Yoga keeps our inner body and inner mind clean & clear to lead a life of benevolence. The practice of Yoga Exercises or Asanas can improve your health, increase your resistance, and develope your mental awareness. Doing the Yoga Poses requires you to study each pose and execute it slowly as you control your body and your mind.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ayurveda Eye care

Eye costitution according to AYURVEDA.

five elements, called the mahabhutas, play a role in maintaining & constituting eye health.
1) One governs the muscular part of the eye,
2) another rules the blood vessels,
3) while other mahabhutas govern the colour,
4) the white area and
5) the tear ducts and channels.

some healthy habits for eye-
1) Avoid reading or working in either dim light or in bright sunlight.
2) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes in bright sunlight, but not to drive or read with, as this will cause strain.
3) One of the biggest enemies of the eyes is lack of sleep
4) Blink your eyes periodically .
5) look away at short intervals to keep from straining the eyes
6) Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
7) Excellent ayurvedic remedy for improving vision is to remove the seeds from one pod of lack cardomom and combine with 1 tablespoon of honey. Chew thoroughly. This strengthens vision if taken every day.
8) Include carrot in your daily food.
9)Try to maintain regular and clean bowel movements. Constipation weakens the eyesight. In addition; too much anxiety, mental stress, grief, anger and worry are harmful for the eyes.
10)Do not wash the eyes or face when the body is sweating,especially after hard physical exercise or after being exposed to heat and sun.

Keep your morning Eye Routine like this to keep eyes healthy-
1)Each morning upon waking , fill your mouth with water and hold for a few seconds with your eyes closed. Spit it out and repeat 2-3 times.

2)Splash your eyes and face with cool or slightly warm
water 10-15 times. Repeat again in the evening.


tratak or steady gazing is an excellent concentration & proper exersice . It involves alternately gazing at an object or point without blinking, then closing your eyes and visualizing the object in your mind's eye. The practice steadies the wandering mind and concentrates the attention, leading you to focus with pinpoint accuracy. Wherever the eyes go, the mind follows, so that when you fix your gaze on a single point, the mind too becomes one pointed.

The Practice of Tratak The technique of tratak remains much the same, whatever the target of you gaze is, though naturally you will have to adapt it slightly when meditating outdoors.

1. Place the object at eye level, three feet (90 cm) away from you.

2. First regulate your breathing, then start to gaze at the object without blinking

.3. Don't stare or gaze vacantly - just look steadily without straining

.4. After about a minute, close your eyes, and keep your inner gaze steady, visualize the object.

5. When the after-image vanishes, open your eyes and repeat.

Ayurvedic treatment for eye

Netra Basti

This is a wonderful eye care. While lying on the back, a “dough nut” ring made of specific flours and water is placed around the eye. A herbalized ghee is then poured into the “dough nut” and forms a pool of ghee over the eye.The technique eases and relaxes eye tension and irritation.
It strengthens the eye muscles and produces clarity in vision.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.Aparna,
great work.keep it up.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Dr....
First time to ur site....U have a lot of useful info in ur blog.... U r doing a great job....

Sarreetaa said...

Hi Dr. Aparna,
It was really very helpful.

Even I am going through same treatment from Dr. Urjita Jain and really became a hug fan of her.
You can visit this community on Orkut (Dr. Urjita Jain-Herbally Yours).

We can spread the power of Herbs, Ayurveda and Yoga :)
Thanks for sharing this.

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Hi Dr.Aparna,

i have been to ur blog and i have been trying the asanas suggested by you for will be kind of you if u could suggest some asanas to reduce the back.looking forward for many more asanas.

pranali said...

hi.dr.aprana...gr8 information ..just gr8...u have done it very will b very helpful to lay people to know more about ayurvedic treatments

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hello dr aparna ! i have been diagnosed with keratokonus is there any help on this in yoga . pls mail me on


Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi satyavache,
Yoga, massage, breathing, meditation, and anything else similar are probably beneficial in containing KC.For further information you should ask your eye Doctor.You should give proper attention to your diet, glasses and sleep.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dr. Aparna,

you have really useful information here. Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge.
My question is about my daughters eye health. she is 20 mnths now. In my husband's family, evryone has got spectacles in early age. My husband got it when he was 8 years old.
My maternal family has good eye sight. In order, to keep my daughter's eye sight healthy, what additional things should I do? (considering, by genetics there is eye sight problem in my husband's family)

Thanks in Advance.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi my dear friend, we can not do any thing if it is in your genetics.your daughter may get spect or may not. However we can do such things which will keep our eyes healthy.
1) Tv watching not more than 2 hrs to kids.( your daughter is very small now)
2) Carrot juice, carrot salad daily.
3) Give her cardamom daily.( you can give it in milk)
Thanks for visiting my blog.Take care.

lasik eye center said...

Thanks for the tips! I learned a lot here.

I tried that before but it didn't work. Will try yours and see how it will work out.
Awesome. I learned a lot.


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