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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Few remedies to reduce pain during menstrual cycle.

Stomach pain during menstrual cycle is very common. Some females get pain even a week
before M.C begins & some females face severe pain just before the periods or during the

According to Ayurveda, Vata dosha is responsible for that. So we should follow the proper
diet to prevent increase in vata dosha i.e. you should eat light diet with more fruits &
vegetables & avoid spicy food, frozen food specially prior to M.c

Now I will share few home remedies which will help to reduce pain during this period.

1) Avoid constipation.

2) Eat few seeds of methi dana with buttermilk. It will help to reduce the pain during M.C

3) Make decoction with shunthi powder & jaggery ,filter it and then drink it luke warm. It
will help to reduce pain.

4) Eating Asefodita (hing){1 pinch} with jaggery is also useful, but drink hot water after

5) Boil saunf (ani seeds) in water,filter the decoction and add 1 Ts honey. This
combination will reduce pain.

6) Add Mustard seeds powder in the boiled water. A cloth dipped in this hot solution can
be put on the stomach to reduce the pain during M.C

7) Ajwain seeds + jaggery + ghee will also help to reduce pain.

8) You can put hot water bag on stomach to reduce the pain.

9) Follow the yoga given in Yoga for menstrual disorers .But do not do yoga during menstrual cycle.clik the below link



could you please suggest ways to get rid of anxity, stress and tension.

memory foam said...

Ive never tried yoga before but I will give it a whirl i think! Currently im using my bed special mattress and its a great help but i struggle when im away from home!

Anonymous said...

All the remedies you suggest seem to increase heat in the body. What should someone with a pitta prakriti do to reduce menstrual pain?
Thank you.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi friend,
Thats true, but bleeding time(means mensrtual cycle) is Pitta predominant.I can suggest you few remedies
1)Cumin ,Coriander & Fennel tea
2) Coconut oil applied to soles of feet
3)Eat 1 tb of gulkand (made by rose petals) daily.
Try it.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

@ memory foam,
Do u have back-pain?
memory foam mattress is very good to rid of back-pain.
Try to do yoga slowly & gradualy.
Go through all topics means introduction of yoga ,benefits,effects on body,etc
Thanks for reading my blog.

nikita said...

i'm a 24 yr old unmarried girl during every menstruation i had unbearable stomach pain, my body becomes very weak ,that makes me so pale that i cant even stand for whole 2 days . my doctor suggests me a medicine "spasmodart" , which i take during every menstruation without this medicine i cant think of bearing this menstruation sometimes the condition goes so worse that i had to take injection to get rid from menstruation period & flow are question are-
1. can i have nomal menstruation without pain & medicine. is this medicine which i'm taking regularly every month is harmful for health?
2. what is another solution to get rid of pain & weakness during mensruation?

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Nikita,
I think you should do yoga on regular basis. Do all tha asnas in Menstrual disorder section. 8 days prior to MC you can take triphala churna or Castor oil to prevent constipation and it also make Air ( apan vayu) to go downward which will reduce the pain.
Once in a while painkiller are ok however do not make habit of it.
I hope this will help you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am 25 year old. I will be getting married very soon.during my M.C I get severe stomach pain. My doctor advised me to take tablet called 'Meftal Fort'. I have to take this tablet every month. (1st day).without this tablet it becomes very difficult to bear the pain.

1. Will there be any complication during my pregnancy?

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Anonymous friend,
It is ok to take meftal forte tablet sometimes but do not make habit of it.Gynac doctor says that it does not mak eany harm for pregnancy.
You can take triphala churna 1 tb with hot water prior 8 daysto your periods till you get periods. .It will reduce the pain.
Take care.