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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Few remedies for Acidity

1) When you feel/have more acidity, drink 1-2 litres of luke warm water + a pinch of salt at a time in the morning on empty stomach & try to vomit as much as possible. At the end you should feel sourness in the mouth which means you are throwing away the acid.

2) Drink half glass of cold milk, it will give cooling effect in stomach.

3) Plane ice cream (vanilla) gives cooling effect too & gives instant relief from acidity.

4) Drink tender coconut water.

5) Eating boiled potato is also good, as potato contains potassium.

6) Amla + mishri(khadisakhar) is a good remedy.

7) Fruits like banana, watermelon are good to get relief from acidity.

8) Eating Tulsi leaves is also good.

9) Sucking a piece of clove will give relif from acidity.

10) consumption of milk & milk product is beneficial for acidity.

11) Boil cumin seeds in a glass of water & drink it with meals.

12) Consume a small piece of jaggery after having all three meals and see what wonders it can do to keep acidity away.

13) Kokum: sarbat made with kokum and jeera is excellent in keeping acidity away.

My dear friends, if you know any other remedy other than these, please let me know .
I will include your remedy with your name in this section.

Few more remedies given by my friends-
1) Harekrishnaji
Eating Rajgira with milk is also good for keeping acidity away.


swapna said...

Hi aparna
thanks for all those wonderful tips.My mother in law has this problem.these tips will help her better.

Pragati said...

This is Very Help full.. Thanks Dr. @parna...

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi swapna & Pragati,
Thanks a lot.
your comments are realy valuable to me.

Neha said...

hi Dr Aparna..
These tips r really going to be helpful for me as recently my hubby has started suffering from acidity a lot.
i m surely going to try ur tips.
Thanx a bunch:))


Thanks for the remedies.

I know one remedy, eating Rajgira with milk.

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi swapna ,pragati,neha & harekrishnaji
Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

Anonymous said...

can u also inclode what kinds of food must be eaten and avoid by patients who have acidity and heartburn

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi there,
please go through this link

Lakshmi said...

hiii..thanx for the remedies..but i want to make a correction..eating icecream will actually increase ur vil give initial coolin effect but actually it does more harm..bcoz icecream is a high fat it vil stay longer in ur more chances of t vil give more symptoms of remedy from me would be..take food which is low in fat and easily digestable..n take frequent vil also reduce acidity as it contains potassium..
hope this helps..and aparna u r doing a grt work here..bye

Dr.Aparna S. Pattewar said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thank you very much for your inpiut.It is really ideal to take low fat food and small in quantity.